Empowered. Breathtaking. Natural. A breath of fresh air for the senses. Introducing God Is A Woman Eau de Parfum, the fragrance by Ariana Grande.

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FeaturesCruelty Free100% VeganClean Ingredients91% Naturally DerivedRecyclable CartonHolder Icon: This reusable base is made from 60% plant-based/sustainable materialsFragrance FamilyFruity MuskKey NotesTop - ambrette, juicy pearMiddle - orris, turkish rose petalsBase - madagascar vanilla, creamy cedarwood

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Not the strongest but very pleasant

I bought this because I was looking for an everyday perfume that wouldn't break the bank, could be applied liberally throughout the day if needed, and had more responsibly sourced ingredients than most perfumes. This fragrance is indeed light, it's no Chanel, and needs a few more sprays than just pulse points. However, it's a very clean và refreshing scent. It's not overbearing at all. I'm not concerned with someone being able to lớn smell me from 50 ft away when I'm out running errands or sitting at a computer all day. Pear-heavy with a hint of a more masculine musk smell while being a tiny bit sweet. The initial application is very pear-y but it dries down to lớn a delicate, almost spiced fruit, clean, barely sweet scent. Makes me smell lượt thích a woman with her life together, but is still grounded. Being in my 30s I was apprehensive of buying an Ariana Grande perfume, since she's really into those sickeningly sweet scents, but I really enjoy this one. I tried Ellis Brooklyn Sweet before this (similar scent profile but way different smells) & it definitely lives up khổng lồ its name, got returned almost immediately. I didn't keep the chunky plastic holder this one came in. I like the sleek simplicity of the bottle as it is. The holder would have just taken up space và has been recycled. My signature for a while has been Burberry Her. I use YSL đen Opium on date night. I wear Burberry Her London Dream occasionally layered with Her. I won't be purchasing these anymore though unless they start being more conscious about their ingredients. Let's change the supply by demanding better production. If you have any of these already you'll probably lượt thích GIAW. I'm definitely more of a gourmand than a floral woman, but this really hit the mark for me. I applaud Ariana for wanting khổng lồ build better perfumes, trying khổng lồ raise the bar và bring fragrance production into the 21st century. Y'all should look up how fragrance ingredients, such as musk, are traditionally acquired và how many perfumes aren't vegan và cruelty free. =)

My favorite scent EVOR, too bad it doesn't last

Wow! I was apprehensive about buying this before even being able lớn smell it first. But I convinced myself into it after reading review on top of the fact I usually love Ariana's scents. I have worn sweet like candy everyday since release. When I found that scent I decided that that was my forever perfume. The only scent that turned me off by her was Thank U Next. When I got this package I was excited to lớn finally smell this. I liked the packaging và I lượt thích the look of the bottle but it feels cheap. I wonder if the 3 oz bottle feels more chất lượng but I doubt it. It is pretty from afar though. When I sprayed the perfume on my wrist I got so excited. I liked it as much, if not more than sweet like candy. It made me so happy & felt lượt thích me. Very sweet and fresh. Fluffy, sugary pear. Two minutes later I brought my wrist to my friend lớn smell it & she couldn't smell it. I was lượt thích "is your nose broken?" I smelled my wrist và the scent was gone. After TWO MINUTES. The only scent left was this powdery scent that was so light you could not detect it unless your nose was touching it. I am SO DISAPPOINTED. I just found my new favorite scent, and no one will smell it on me. I am glad I found it, I might try to add it lớn another perfume to lớn see if it will last longer with the ingredients. But alone this perfume is useless. I think it's great lớn have vegan products, but it causes more harm than good when it's a literal waste of packaging when the product doesn't work. I've had vegan perfume that doesn't disappear after 2 minutes. There is no excuse for this. I saw a lot of the reviews talking about how it wore off but I thought they were exaggerating or just had super high expectations from a vegan product. I can honestly say that if you spray this 25 times all over yourself & go anywhere, nobody will get a whiff of this scent. Yes, I drowned myself in this scent và it was gone by the time I got in my car. NOT EXAGGERATING. Not nose-blindness. I am genuinely SAD today.

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The best.


This is by far my most favorite perfume!! It smells the best & last all day! I get so many compliments when I wear it! 10/10 recommend to everyone!!!



It wasn't long when I got this perfume, but after a while it started smelling really weird and bad. It smelled like something spoiled & rubbing alcohol. Just really disappointed because this was a lot of money for me.

My Favorite Ariana Grande Fragrance


I don't know why but i'm so so obsessed with this perfume. It smells so good và it's not too strong. It's fresh & fruity. I use it everyday. I typically use about 3-4 sprays và that's perfect.

I love this perfume!!!


This perfume is probably one of my favorites out of my collection, it smells amazing và its very long lasting!! it has a very strong floral scent và also has a bit of a xanh jolly rancher smell to it. The packaging is absolutely beautiful as well!

Sprayed on clothes và lasted ages


Everyone keeps saying that the scent goes away really quickly, I was worried mine would vì the same so I sprayed it mostly on my clothes instead of my skin. It's 17 hours later & I can still smell it, so now I have no worries about it! It smells divine & I'm obsessed!

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