Every song In Disney's Animated Beauty và The Beast, Ranked "Be Our Guest" & enjoy this ranking of the best songs in Disney"s animated classic movie, Beauty và the Beast, including "Gaston" and more.

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Over the years, Disney has created some incredible soundtracks for its animated movies, but few are as strong as Beauty và The Beast. From start lớn finish, the movie is filled with amazing music, with songs ranging from romantic lớn war cries & everything in between.

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With the talented Alan Menken and Howard Ashman coming together to lớn provide the music và lyrics, they wove together some of Disney"s greatest ever songs. The fact that the movie won Best Score at the Academy Awards showcases just how good the music is in this classic Disney film, but which tuy nhiên is the best?

Prologue scene from Beauty & The Beast
The first tuy vậy of the movie is what sets the overall story up, explaining how The Prince ends up being turned into the Beast. The whole tuy vậy is simply narrated & isn"t actually sung, but David Ogden Stiers has the perfect voice & his narration helps set the movie up nicely.

However, it"s the orchestral music in the background that really sets the scene. But it just isn"t able khổng lồ stand up against the rest of the epic musical numbers that this movie boasts.

Gaston and LeFou together in Beauty & the Beast
This song takes place shortly after the original version of the song, when Maurice bursts into his tavern and makes it known that the Beast has captured his daughter. Of course, none of them believe him or the fact that there is a Beast in a castle, and this leads khổng lồ Gaston hatching his plan on how he can marry Belle.

There"s a lot of talking in this tuy nhiên in comparison lớn the others in the movie. However, when they get to the end, it all comes together in a really fun moment as they sing about Gaston. However, it"s very similar to the original version of the song, just nowhere near as good.

Beauty & the Beast Belle Song
The first big number of the movie is one that introduces the lead character of the story, Belle, & the village in which she lives. The tuy vậy weaves through the village và features all of the characters chirping in with moments while Belle sings throughout.

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It provides an energetic start to the movie and really explains Belle"s personality in one song, introducing her perfectly in just minutes. It brings Gaston into things as well, setting up the idea that he wants lớn marry her from the start. It"s a catchy song and one that serves a purpose, which is why it"s a great way to start the movie.

6 "Belle Reprise"

While this tuy vậy is only a short one, it is actually stronger than the one that comes before it. This moment focuses on Belle on her own, singing through everything she"s just heard from Gaston, as she makes it clear she wants more than she"s got currently.

It provides her big solo moment on đứng đầu of the grass fields, which is one of the most iconic scenes in the entire movie. While it doesn"t have all of the other characters involved, this song is a little more focused, which is what makes it so good.

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"Something There" is a fun tuy vậy in the middle of the movie, which really acts as the turning point for the relationship between Belle & the Beast. Previously, they"ve been very frosty together with the anger issues inside Beast, not really allowing them to lớn connect.

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However, that does change and this song is the one that makes it clear. They both sing about their feelings, separately, before the supporting characters in the castle wrap things up at the end. It"s fast-paced but slows down when it needs to, with a hilarious quote from cpu at the end, as he tries to understand the more mature subject matter.

4 "Gaston"

Villain songs are something that Disney typically does incredibly well, và this is certainly the case in this number. This song is a great way to showcase Gaston, who has such a huge personality, and it really sums up how arrogant he is.

It"s a classic tavern scene with everybody drunk, singing along together, and it all comes together in a fantastic moment. LeFou gets to lớn really shine here, while Gaston"s over-the-top operatic moments are truly perfect.

While "Gaston" is typically seen as his villain song, the fact is that it is actually "The Mob Song" where Gaston gets khổng lồ shine. His tuy vậy in the tavern is focused more on the other characters singing about him, whereas "The Mob Song" is his war cry khổng lồ the village as he rallies his troops to head off & try khổng lồ kill the Beast.

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He gets to lớn showcase his incredible vocal range in this moment, which is something that really shines strong, as he has one of the best voices in the movie. Gaston"s big moments are great, and hearing the rest of the village chant along with him really builds up the tension & excitement in this scene, setting the fight up perfectly.

2 "Beauty và The Beast"

Angela Lansbury provides the perfect voice for the most thắm thiết moment in the movie, with the big dance scene between Beast và Belle one of the most famous Disney scenes ever. While the movie has a lot going on, at its core, it is a Princess story & romance is its crucial & necessary thematic element.

This is one of the greatest Princess songs that Disney has ever done, và it really does perfectly sum up the love they share & the romance they have together. It"s the big moment that the whole movie builds up to lớn between them, & it certainly delivers.

When it comes khổng lồ Beauty và The Beast, this really is the tuy nhiên that everyone thinks about. "Be Our Guest" is not only the greatest tuy vậy in the movie, it is one of the best songs Disney has ever made, with it full of passion, energy, và incredible vocals.

Lumiere takes center stage here as he really gets khổng lồ showcase his flamboyant personality và hosting skills. The tuy vậy itself is very catchy và has big moments to dance along with, while also slowing down in the middle lớn take a breath and explain the tough situation the characters find themselves in. It"s a giant spectacle with all of the objects dancing around in what is an amazing scene from the movie.

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