The beloved #1 "Essence" bestselling authors of "Tryin" to lớn Sleep in the Bed You Made" now deliver a novel in which readers meet their most unforgettable characters yet.

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The beloved #1 Essence bestselling authors of Tryin" to lớn Sleep in the Bed You Made now deliver a novel in which you"ll meet their most unforgettable characters yet. Carmen, Jewel, & Regina could not be more different. When they meet as freshmen at Columbia University, they"re pretty confident that a friendship among them isn"t in the cards. Jewel is Hollywood royalty: as the teenage star of the TV show Daddy"s Girl, her face is instantly recognizable all across America. Now, though, she wants two things-to get a serious education, and to leave her controlling stage mother behind. Regina is the definitive upper-middle-class African-American girl. Her picture-perfect parents are what she calls đen Ward and June Cleavers và their goals for her are lượt thích a stranglehold. No one can see, though, how far Regina"s rebellious side will take her (or how treacherous it will become). Carmen is just trying lớn get by. A child of the projects whose father is dead và whose mother has vanished, Carmen has been raised by her abusive brother. Columbia is the way for her khổng lồ get a better life-if she can hold down two jobs and keep her GPA up. When the three of them meet, their lives are at a crossroad.

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And as the years progress, from the 1980s to the present day, they are challenged by drug addiction, fame, secrets from the past, sickness, betrayal, và the darkest things women can face. One of them won"t survive. But what will be the lasting legacy of their friendship? Better Than I Know Myself is a novel of heartache, triumph, tears, và the unshakeable bonds among women.

From the Back Cover

#1 Essence Bestselling Authors Virginia DeBerry and Donna Grant"s novels are: Powerful. --Kirkus ReviewsRefreshingly honest. --Publishers WeeklyEngaging. --EssenceVividly realistic. --Midwest Book ReviewHard to put down. --American Woman More Praise for Virginia DeBerry và Donna Grant: I laughed, I cried, I identified!!!- Sybil Wilkes, The Tom Joyner Morning Show, on Better Than I Know Myself They"re back! Virginia DeBerry and Donna Grant, authors of one of my favorite books, Tryin" lớn Sleep in the Bed You Made, have returned with Better Than I know Myself. It has a prologue that grabs you, a story that holds you, & characters that you will care about.- Clara Villarosa, Bookseller, The Hue-man Bookstore và Cafe, Harlem on Better Than I Know Myself Strong, colorful characters distinguish DeBerry and Grant"s warm và moving African-American family drama...moves gracefully between the 1950s & the present day, & an unusually varied cast of minor characters địa chỉ spice to lớn the full-bodied tale.- Publishers Weekly on Far From the Tree Keenly drawn characters...a seamless work...a winning book about real, flawed people.- QBRL The đen Book reviews on Far From the Tree With sassy dialogue và a suspenseful narrative, this novel whips through its prologue and 23 well-written chapters.- Dallas Morning News on Far From the Tree Captivating & compelling...brave, realistic, and touching.- Booklist on Far From the Tree

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Virginia DeBerry & Donna Grant are the bestselling authors of Far from the Tree và Tryin" to Sleep in the Bed You Made. Tryin" lớn Sleep in the Bed You Made won the Merit Award for fiction from the đen caucus of the American Library Association, the Book of the Year award from Blackboard, and the New tác giả of the Year Award from the Go On Girl Book Club. Virginia & Donna first met while working as models, & what should have been a rivalry ended up as a decades-long friendship. Virginia lives in New Jersey, & Donna lives in Brooklyn, New York.