The world is weakening. Everything we once knew as "Earth" will soon be long gone. The Divine Punishment that had taken place fifteen years ago has caused nothing more than destruction, và the slow cycle to an immutable world that can no longer be fixed.

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If destruction has been the only answer since then, there's destined to be peace somewhere; there's always light in the darkest of times. And soon, paradise will call, begging to lớn be set free to a desolate land once more.

To restore peace khổng lồ the hands of the people, what would that take?


Miku, who had just been recently staring off into space, snaps out of her thoughts as she is interrupted by Mayu toppling over, and dropping her head lớn the tealette's lap. She releases a sigh of relief with a satisfied smile stretching from ear khổng lồ ear.

"That has to lớn be the heftiest meal I've had in forever," she coos.

Miku giggles at that và pats her head. Regarding that the meal they'd eaten only consisted of bread made from Ia và mutton from Rin và Len's nurtured sheep, Mayu would muse about any meal that'd make her stuffed- that is, every single one of them.

"You vị realize we haven't eaten a lot, right?" Gumi queries just across from the two.

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"I know, I know, but the whole 'savoring-what-we-have' idea has grown onto me," she pushes herself off of Miku's lap và sits back up, straightening out her fuchsia dress. "Being a baker and all with my sis, you sorta get used to being grateful for the things you have. Not a lot of people have food, y'know, so it's something to lớn be thankful for."

Gumi closes her book and smiles. "Well said."

Despite having an enormous appetite, Mayu had grown to lớn be one of the bakers of their village (and their friends) alongside her elder sister, Ia. They'd taken their jobs seriously but would never pass up the opportunity khổng lồ joke around with the group whenever the time was right.

The greenette returns her gaze lớn Miku. She's fiddling with her thumbs and is looking at the floorboards beside Gumi, not even realizing she's being stared at. Mayu notices Gumi's expression, cocks her head, và then shifts a glance over to the teal-haired girl; she's looking off into nothing lượt thích something's amiss.

"Miku, is something wrong? You were zoning out the same way just a couple minutes ago. What are you thinking about?" Gumi flattens out a grin.

Miku raises her head và spots the two of them awaiting an answer from her.

"Oh, um, I was thinking that..." About to make an excuse, instead she sighs và admits the truth, "The Divine Punishment, fifteen years ago, and what's happening lớn the world as we speak... If there's anything we can bởi vì to prevent any more destruction." She scratches the back of her neck và adds in an awkward laugh to try and shake off the uneasy atmosphere.

Mayu immediately butts in, placing a hand on her wrist. "Ah, c'mon, Miku, there'll be a way khổng lồ fix it. I know something will happen that'll just make the whole incident fly right past us! It'll clear up in no time."

"She's right," Gumi agrees. "Whenever there's hopelessness, there's bound khổng lồ be happiness."

The tealette's expression lightens & she nods. "Yeah... Thanks, guys."

Out of nowhere, everyone hears the door blast xuất hiện as they watch it sway on its hinges. Meiko enters the house, a hand pressed against her temple, and her face bearing bruises on her pale skin. She limps her way in and carelessly shuts the door behind her back. Kaito's seen rushing to Meiko's side; throwing an arm around her shoulder khổng lồ help her in.