Just a month after issuing their Japanese-language Face Yourself, K-pop boy band BTS issued their third official full-length, Love Yourself: Tear (Bighit Entertainment). Capturing contemporary pop trends, Tear employed tropical house, sleek synth atmospherics, & smooth R&B-inspired singing that was relatively more subdued -- for BTS -- than their prior output. Even the Steve Aoki collaboration "The Truth Untold" traded that DJ"s trademark bombast in favor of a sweeping, piano-driven ballad of sorts, more fit for waving lighters (or điện thoại phones) in an arena than bringing the house down with big drops. "134310" infuses a hip-hop lounge vibe with a jaunty flute sample, while the sleek electronics of the MNEK-assisted "Paradise" slide và glide. "So What" is the closest the boys come lớn anything as rousing as "Not Today" or "Fire," but the track leans more toward pure rave bliss than boot-stomping aggression. Stylish & yearning, Love Yourself: Tear is BTS at a polished and focused peak, cohesive enough to feel like it was conceived in one particular period rather than cobbled together like some of their previous releases. ~ Neil Z. Yeung

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Singularity (Intro)Fake LoveSincerity That Couldn"t Be Delivered134340ParadiseLove MazeMagic ShopAirplane, Pt. 2AnpanmanSo WhatTear (Outro)

Album Credits

Performance Credits

BTS Primary Artist,Vocals Suga Vocals,Rap P-Dogg Synthesizer,Keyboards,Vocals,RapBang mê say Hyuk AKA "Hitman" Bang Keyboards RM Vocals,RapSupreme Boi Vocals,Choir, Chorus,Rap,VocoderSlow Rabbit Vocals Docskim Synthesizer,Bass,Piano,KeyboardsCharlie J. Perry Bass,Keyboards J-Hope Vocals,Rap Jungkook Synthesizer,Choir, ChorusHiss Noise Synthesizer,Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals ADORA Synthesizer,Keyboards,Vocals,Choir, Chorus

Technical Credits

Suga Composer,EngineerSteve Aoki Composer,ProducerJordan "DJ Swivel" Young Composer P-Dogg Composer,Producer,Engineer,Vocal ArrangementsBang mê say Hyuk AKA "Hitman" Bang Composer,ProducerCharlie Perry Producer Jinbo ComposerAli Tamposi ComposerUzoechi Emenike ComposerNoah Conrad ComposerTyler Acord ComposerOrla Gartland ComposerMartin Luke Brown Composer RM Composer,EngineerSupreme Boi Composer,EngineerSlow Rabbit Composer,Engineer,Vocal Arrangements,Rhythm Programming,Additional Production Docskim Composer,Producer,Engineer,String ArrangementsCharlie J. Perry Composer J-Hope Composer,EngineerJake Torrey Composer Lophiile ProducerYang Ga EngineerLiza Owen Composer Jungkook Composer,ProducerRoland Spreckley ComposerRoman Campolo ComposerHiss Noise Composer,ProducerAnnika Wells Composer ADORA Composer,Producer,Engineer,Vocal Arrangements,Rhythm Programming HuskyFox ArtworkCandace Sosa Composer