The Jailbreaking Steps

Launch Safari on your iDevice.

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Navigate to lớn on the Install Now liên kết at the bottom of the page.
Tap on Install when the message appears on your screen.Now, you need lớn trust the developer profile used to sign in the PP app. Khổng lồ allow that, Go khổng lồ Settings, tap on General, then open Device Management.
Choose Beijing Hong Yuan Online Technology from the Enterprise AppsTap on Trust Bejing Hong Yuan Online Technology, and then tap Trust again, on the popup message.
Click the home button khổng lồ return khổng lồ your trang chủ screen, and launch the PP app.When a popup message appears asking you lớn allow push notifications click OK.Untick the PP box located below the large circle, và then tap the circle.

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Press the Power button lớn lock your screen và wait for 6 seconds.A push notification will appear on your lock screen telling you that your device has been successfully jailbroken.
Unlock your iDevice and launch the PP app. You will notice a loading animation on the circle. It is adapting the jailbreak environment for Cydia. When it finishes, your device will respring (soft reboot) with the Cydia phầm mềm on the Springboard.

Note: This jailbreaking method is tethered. It means that requires re-executing the jailbreak procedure after each reboot. So, vị NOT delete the PP tiện ích from your iDevice. You will need to lớn re-run it & tap the circle whenever your device reboots.

Wrap Up

As you know jailbreaking is a method that has its own pros & cons. If you want to lớn try the features that jailbreak offers, just follow the steps from above and you won’t have any additional problems. If for any reason you are not happy with the features and functionalities that jailbreaking offers và you want to go back & unjailbreak your iDevice, you can check the following article How khổng lồ Unjailbreak Your iPhone.

Feel không tính tiền to tóm tắt your jailbreaking experience và thoughts in the comment section below. Vị you prefer using jailbreaken or unjailbreaken iDevices?