Cartman tries to get on the Maury Povich Show but they"re done with freaks. Cartman creates a new scenario that involves his mom.

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The boys hóa trang the condition chin-ballitus & guilt Butters into putting balls on his chin khổng lồ get on the Maury Povich show.

In the Maury Povich Show green room, Butters meets some real freaks. They warn him about freak fakers.

The boys watch Butters on the Maury Povich Show. He earns himself a trip khổng lồ the world"s largest putt-putt golf course.

The boys watch an episode of the Maury Povich show in which he interviews people with horrid disfigurements. Stan is outraged.

Butters is grounded for putting balls on his chin. He gets a visit from the real freaks who want him to lớn march in a freak strike with them.
Cartman và his mom wait to lớn go on the Maury Povich Show. The guests before them are out of control, so Cartman decides to make some changes to lớn ensure he gets the prize.
The Freak Union show up for Freak Out 2K2. Butters tries to lớn leave & the other freaks him of being a scab.
Cartman và his mom are interviewed on the Maury Povich Show. Cartman dresses up & tries lớn prove that he is out of control.
Butters tries khổng lồ leave the freak protest again, but the union president stops him. The cops arrive to lớn shut down the picket line, causing the freaks lớn bring out the big guns.

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The freaks interrupt Maury"s show with clip sabotage. They plead their case, gain the audience"s approval và Maury decides to lớn negotiate.
The boys wake up Cartman so he can help them. After farting in Kyle"s face & making them beg, Cartman says no và goes back to sleep.
The news does a brief story on the boys. The next morning, a small army of dirty hippies show their support.
The FBI brings in a negotiator. He giao dịch with Cartman, who says they"ll give up one calf for guns và ammunition.
The class goes on a field trip to lớn a cow farm. When they hear about the veal cows, the boys are horrified except Cartman.
The boys break into the cow farm. They realize the little baby cows are too weak khổng lồ walk, so they carry them one by one khổng lồ Stan"s house.
Stan"s parents order him to free the cows. He locks himself in his room with them until they are guaranteed safety.

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