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Candi F from AustraliaThe reasons people are giving for this lớn allegedly be about sex work ie prostitution are ludicrous and show how little they know about sex work.John from GloucesterThis whole song reminds me of the break up from & subsequent failure lớn get back the love of my life (so far).So passive aggressive, pushing away whilst grabbing back, convincing himself he"s not in love so he won"t get hurt.

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Everything I did twice, she gave me two chances too. Went badly, especially the second time when I blamed her for my insecurities built on a platform put up by my family & friends.Don"t bởi vì that kids, it"s f--king dumb, you get hurt.Don"t be a mug, swallow your pride, listen to lớn your heart, politely ignore outside influencers và tell her. She loves you too.Oskari from Turku, FinlandI don"t think it"s about prostitution at all. It"s about The Patient reflecting of his ex who he loved but she didn"t love him anymore. "Blow" probably means a hit in this case.P0ppiera from Winder, Gahey everyone, i posted my (very long) interpretation of this tuy vậy on a different lyrics site & didn"t get any feedback, so i"ll post it here và see if anyone agrees with my perspective. It is pretty long, but you won"t regret it if you just keep reading. I went pretty in depth...this is the story that i got from both the tuy vậy and the đoạn phim combined:a boy with a fistful of issues and demons (in the clip he is symbolically the màu sắc black) meets a girl who embodies everything that he is not (white= pure, innocent, virginal, etc). They both fall in love intantly. It is not long before his own head begins to lớn get in the way of the realationsip, as he fears that he is a toxic influence on her and may ultimately ruin her life/promise. He begins khổng lồ push her away, though he does so out of desperate love for her. He tells her things like "when you go, don"t ever think ill make you try khổng lồ stay" implying that he thinks she will evenually come to her senses & leave him. In the same breath, he seems khổng lồ be telling himself that in the event that this should happen, he would have no choice but lớn move on & go "off to lớn find another way" for her own good before she "gets back" (realizes that she loves him & cannot fathom lớn be without him).in the second verse, they seem to get in a fight over this notion. He is pushing her away, & she sees this. She asks him how he can do this "after all the time that you still owe" (we"re supposed to have a long life together. You promised) và tries khổng lồ insult him only lớn find that she cannot find any flaw with him, contrary to lớn what he sees in himself, "you"re still a good-for-nothing i don"t know."he tells her "baby take your gloves và get out, baby get out while you can." meaning that she needs to leave him for her own sake before she gets in too deep and really, REALLY loves him, which would make it even harder and probably impossible for her to lớn leave. Needless lớn say, she doesn"t leave, and he continues khổng lồ self-loathe and feel guilty. Despite this, he does not have the guts lớn leave her, even though he is beginning to think it is the only way to "save" her. He loves her. The third verse is a little more tricky. (btw, i"ve always heard "pleading" rather than "pleasing"he keeps making himself (and her) incredibly upset by always insisting that she should leave him, hence the first stanza, "sometimes i cry so hard from pleading". She is gettig "sick and tired of all the needless beating," meaning that she has grown very ill of him constantly making her sad và confused. He is sending her mixed messages, needlessly emotionally "beating" her. He says he loves her & his actions SEEM to lớn prove that, but he is always, ALWAYS insisting that she should leave him. He simply will not accept the fact that she loves him and has made up her mind khổng lồ stay with him through thick và thin. She confronts him about it. He replies "but baby when they knock you down và out is where you oughta stay." by saying this, he is talking about himself. He has always heard bad things about himself & has come khổng lồ the conclusion that he is nothing, so he is basically telling her "if i"ve never seen or heard about anything but the evil in me, perhaps that"s what i really am and where i should stay." i think he is an addict of some sort, or maybe he is at least in he process of becoming one... Presumably, they go on khổng lồ have the same old argument about how she deserves better và such."but after all the blood that you still owe-" she says, implying again that they are supposed khổng lồ spend their life togehter (blood = life, owe = promise)and he retaliates "another dollar"s just another blow" (i"m an addict, im not good for you, i"m never going to vị anything right, going to lớn blow all of our money on drugs. Blow = street term for cocaine)he also says "baby fix your eyes và get up, baby get up while you can." (stop crying and go, baby.)he continues on "when you go, would you have the guts lớn say "i don"t love you lượt thích i loved you yesterday." he needs khổng lồ hear her tell him that she doesn"t love him, doesn"t want him etc so that both of them will have closure to move on. Regardless of whether or not the words are true, he needs to hear them no matter how bad they hurt.well, the tuy nhiên ends & i can"t really be sure whether she leaves him or not. However, the video clip implies that he eventually takes her innocence(her dress gets shorter & he leaves đen marks on her everytime they touch). He stuggles even harder against his own conscious, his self hatred, and above all his love for this girl. I think that he finally realizes that she will never leave him, và faces the fact that if he truely feels like she is better off without him then he himself has to lớn man up & be the one lớn leave. Look at the guy in the video"s face when he looks at her for the last time before he, racked with guilt, drops her hand & walks away. There is so much feeling and agony there. She, on the other hand, watches him leave in numb disbelif, probably thinking that this is not really happening và that he is going to lớn come back. The last thing that he says to her is "i don"t love you like i loved you yesterday." of course, he does not mean this. In fact, he means just the opposite, but he could not live with himself under the pretense that he could/did "destroy her life & her beautiful innocence." he desperately loves her and thinks that she will be happier without him, so in a final act of love and sacrifice he goes off by himself to live in misery, his only comfort being that he has "kept her safe from him."the girl now stands alone, và black drops begin to mar her flawless white skin. This is symbolic of how he inadvertently corrupts her by trying to lớn save her from that very thing; he exposes her lớn heartbreak in its worst form. At the very over of the video, a đen tear comes from inside her and slides down her face, symbolizing the wound inside of her that he created.several frames show the couple holding hands as they crumble. A sick, trgic part of me wants to interpret that as a kind of "romeo & juliet" ending; the two cannot live without eachother, và both over up commiting suicide after their seperation. Maybe they vày not know about the others fate, but it looks lớn me like the girl in the clip is the first to crumble. Perhaps she ends her life first, and when word gets back to lớn the boy he realizes his fatal mistake và claims his own. The end.Rae from Buxton, NcMy Chemical Romance is the best, so people who say it isn"t quit lying. This is a beautiful tuy vậy I love itMaria from Wilmington, NcOk First of all, this whole song is sung from the wifes/girlfriend"s perspective:Well when you goDon"t ever think I"ll make you try to stayAnd maybe when you get backI"ll be off lớn find another way(Bascily shes telling him that when he goes, this is it, shes done with it, so shes telling him if you go I might not be here when you come back)When after all this time that you still oweYou"re still, a good-for-nothing I don"t knowSo take your gloves and get outBetter get outWhile you can(Here shes saying after all this time you own me, meaning the time he spent out boxing và such he still hasnt changed. Lớn her hes still a good-for-nothing guy. Then she says just take your gloves và get out of here..)When you goWould you even turn khổng lồ say"I don"t love youLike I didYesterday"(This little part is a bit more detailed then the versus" them selves. Here shes feels like ok well there has lớn be a reason that hes doing this so she figures that he just dosnt love her like he did the day before.. And shes egging him on to lớn get him to lớn say it him self because she feels like that"s why hes acting this way so she wants him to say it to lớn her.)Sometimes I cry so hard from pleadingSo sick và tired of all the needless beatingBut baby when they knock youDown và outIs where you oughta stay( Here shes telling him how much she cries & begs him not khổng lồ go. Then she goes on to lớn tell him that shes tired of all the beatings he gets when hes in the ring. Then she tells him that when they knock him down to lớn just stay down so it can be over.. So he can be with her.)And after all the blood that you still oweAnother dollar"s just another blowSo fix your eyes and get upBetter get upWhile you can( Here is similar lớn the one before it, only here she saying what about the blood that you still owe me, the people who are betting are getting their money, shes saying that its just money for them but for her its pain hence "Another dollar"s just another blow" Then she says to him khổng lồ just fix his face & get out because yên sure hes all bloody from the fight)So this is what I have gathered from reading the tuy nhiên and listening khổng lồ it .. This only just makes sense and I hope it can help.Joseph from Battery City, Cabut the tear at the kết thúc of the vid meant the relationship still meant something & though they dont want 2 be 2gether they still cherish the memory of each otherJoseph from Battery City, Cai think that its more about she"s leaving him for whatever reason & he thinks its cause she doesnt love him anymore but she just wont admit it "when you go would u have the guts to lớn say i dont love you lượt thích i loved you yesterday!". If she doesnt love, him he doesnt love her and he doesnt need her "and maybe when you get back ill be off to lớn find another way". So he practically tells her that if she leave, she"ll be gone for good and wont wanna come back for anything "so get your gloves và get out better get out" "so fix your eyes & get out..." he wants 2 make it work but they just cant stop fighting "sometimes i cry so hard from pleading so sick and tired of all the needless beating" i think that the music đoạn clip says the same story, but from her point of view because he leaves her by the end. Maybe the whole point of it all together is that they both where thinking the same thing but they just didnt have the guts 2 say what they were feelingAlea from Erie, Coi agree that it really does depend on what you"ve been through in life. But when you think about it every really good tuy vậy is that way. Thats why it sells so well because nearly anyone can relate because it can mean so many things!Vicky from Chesapeake, Valove this song....... Sooooo mucha ,YEAH!Vicky from Chesapeake, Vai agree with yessica, CAThatguy from Brampton, OnMy theory is that the tuy vậy is about a man who hires a prostitute and falls in love with her bout of course she rejects him because she doesnt love him but dosent tell him that but he can tell and this hurts him really bad và so when shes leaving he is filled with anger that she wont tell him that she dosent love him.Marissa from New Orleans, LaI know its about a breakup. But where in the hell did they get the idea it was about a prostitute?Phantom from Singaapore, SingaporeI think all of you are right. The tuy nhiên is about a relationship that fails & leaves both parties badly hurt. Gerard is comparing the emotional hurt khổng lồ the physical hurt of boxing. The emotional hurt can"Knock you down và out," The more effort, time and even money they put in to lớn try lớn be in love with each other, the more they get hurt. "Another dollar"s just another blow". So the protagonist is pleading for his girlfriend lớn admit that there is no love between them so that the hurting relationship can end.Logan from Indianapolis, Inthe tuy nhiên is about a couple who is breaking up and one isnt strong enough lớn handle it! in the music vid. The man is leaving và she cant stand him leaving. Yet the man wasnt strong enough lớn tell her that he doesnt love her anymore! ok thats what i think! My Chemical Romance is a dark-ish kind of band and Gerard Way is fasinated by many dark things! so i dought they would write bout a prostitute!!!Bridget from Oceanside, Nythis song is about two people breaking up, but one of them isn"t brave enough khổng lồ tell the other they don"t love them anymore, I have no idea how he hell u could get prostitution out of this song it"s one of my faves by MCR!Georgie from Lancashire, United KingdomI think it"s about breaking up with a partner, & then they leave, without having the guts khổng lồ tell you that they don"t love you anymore. It"s quite true, actually, because it"s not often that someone who leaves you tells you that they don"t love you anymore.. Whether that"s because they vày still love you or because they"re too scared.Ryan Hyman from Merrick, Nyi have no clue where everyone is getting the idea of a prostitute but its not!!!! they used lớn be great friends with the band the used. The fight (Multiple opinions) was about their cover of under pressure) i refuse khổng lồ take sides but they were arguing about where to lớn put the cover, mcr"s album or the used"s album. The used argued that they needed the popularity while mcr argued that the popularity could make them big. When Gerrard says "i don"t love you lượt thích i loved you yesterday" he is trying to lớn say how he got mad at bert (singer of the used)and how he saw bert in a whole different way even greedy but bert looked at Gerrard like that & things fell apart. They did great duos & used to be great friends.Heidi from Hong Kong, Hong Kongin my opinion, the main point of this song is the line "i dont love you like I DID YESTERDAY".

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He wants the girl to lớn tell him that she did love him before. Mcr didnt use "i dont love you anymore" sth like that khổng lồ replace "i dont love you lượt thích I DID YESTERDAY" và "i dont love you lượt thích I LOVED YOU YESTERDAY". Cuz he doesnt really want the girl to tell him she doesnt love him now. Actually he just wants the girl lớn tell him that she love him she DID LOVE him no matter if its a lie.Heidi from Hong Kong, Hong Kongin my opinion, the main point of this song is the line "i dont love you lượt thích I DID YESTERDAY". He wants the girl to lớn tell him that she did love him before. Mcr didnt use "i dont love you anymore" sth like that khổng lồ replace "i dont love you lượt thích I DID YESTERDAY" & "i dont love you like I LOVED YOU YESTERDAY". Cuz he doesnt really want the girl to tell him she doesnt love him now. Actually he just wants the girl khổng lồ tell him that she love him she DID LOVE him no matter if its a lie.Heidi from Hong Kong, Hong Kongin my opinion, the main point of the song is the line "i don"t love you lượt thích I DID YESTERDAY". He wants the girl khổng lồ tell him that she did love him before. Mcr didnt use "i dont love you anymore" sth like that to replace "i dont love you lượt thích I DID YESTERDAY" & "i dont love you like I LOVE YOU YESTERDAY". Actually he doesnt want the girl to lớn tell him that she doesnt love him now. He just wants the girl lớn tell him that she loved him.Raquel from Brick, Njit is very true that this song is fantastic when it comes to the meaning cause it could really mean anything khổng lồ go along with your life. I personally feel that it is a cry out to the one person you love. Telling them that no matter what happens, even though you are still really in love with that person, if they decide that they want to lớn move on cause their feelings have changed, all you want is for them to tell you that they dont love you any more instead of just getting up và leaving with no explanation or cheating on you. Cause even though it hurts either way, i think that being cheated on or being left alone with no reasoning or warning is much worse.Samir from Gangtok, IndiaThis tuy nhiên is about an abusive relationship & one of the lover is fed up of it & is thinking of ending it even though it hurts. "When you go......Would you have the guts to lớn say...I don"t love you."My chemical Romance are a great band & would never write about Prostitutes.F--ked In Love from Dallas, Txthis is a hard tuy nhiên to understand if you did not go trew it. Well sadly i did. Me and my boyfriend were dating for 2years & the last few months of the relationship felt lượt thích i was figthing a losing battle. Và somehow he would make me feel lượt thích every problem in the relationship was made by me và it was all my fault that we had gotten so distent so when we broke up i would drive myself crazy thinking i was lớn blame. When the truth was he had fallen out of love with me & just could not admit it. So see he made it harder on me making me feel like i were lớn blame when all he needed khổng lồ say lớn make it easy for me was I DONT LOVE YOU lượt thích I DID YESTERDAYJody from Reading, United KingdomI love this tuy vậy SOO much. Whatever it"s about (im thinking its about The Patient being a boxer (y) ), you can think about it in so many ways! it reminds me of something that happened with my dad. It just fits in with what id say khổng lồ him. Especially " another dollar"s just another blow ". Its hard khổng lồ explain. I s"pose you have khổng lồ have my mind and my memories to understand what i mean và how i think of the song. But i think its actually a really clever song in that respect , because anyone can understand it, in any way really ^o) hmm.. I"ll shut up now :) My Chemical Romance Are AMAZINGGG!!!!! XDBailey from Belleville, Njugh bella is the only oneeven REMOTELY close lớn the actual meaning!! on the limited edition khổng lồ the black parade (the velvet box) on the lyrics sheet has a pair of damn boxing gloves.verdict: the patient used to be some sort of boxer/fighter. His girl ran the place where he boxed and to show her "love" towards him, she put him in the ring even longer. (and after all the time that you still owe) then as bets poured in for him, (another dollar"s just another blow) he got fed up with her. As he was leaving (take your gloves and get out) after a match he lost intentionally, it was actually the GIRL that says that line in the chorus "when you go would you even turn to lớn say..." he"s so scared of her (the guts part with the awesome voice after the solo) because she"s the head of some big organization and if he breaks her heart, he gets his legs BASICALLY whoever made up the idea of prostitution of all things is acting like they"re on crack.Cynthia from Belfast, United KingdomIt"s about unrequited love "Not loving Somebody"And my chemical romance don"t write about prostitution.Ed from Rugby, EnglandI agree with stripes.I think the person used to be wrapped round the finger of the person the tuy vậy is about, but came lớn a realisation và became the one in control.The lyrics suggest the person went through alot of pain because of his lover and has now realised he is better off without her, and can let her go.Stripes from Twilight, Txi think this is about a relationship that just isn"t working for one person while the other is totally in love. One lover tells a person they love them, then all of the sudden without warning they up and leave when the other lover think"s everythings good."i don"t love you like i did yesterday." but they still love that person & they are very sad about it ending. "so sick inside of all the needless beatings." could say he"s sick of living without the other person, the beatings indicating his heartbeat.Z from Somewhere Over The Rainbow, WaI think this tuy nhiên is about a man who was in an arranged marriage. He is in love with this woman và she tells him that she loves him too, even though she"s always hated him. One night she finally tells him that she doesn"t love him. He won"t believe her so she hurts him even more by giving everything he"s ever bought back to lớn him (another dollar"s just another blow). He asks her if when she left him she would even look back & tell him that she didn"t love him lượt thích she said she did, challenging her with "When you go would you have the guts to say I don"t love you like I loved you yesterday?" I might be wrong, though.Bella from Fu**erton, CaIn the book that comes with the special edition of the album, next to lớn these lyrics is a picture of a pair of boxing gloves. Instead of being about a prostitute, could it be about a boxer & it"s his wife/girlfriend speaking? She"s tired of him coming trang chủ beaten every night: "Another dollar"s just another blow" "Take your gloves and get out" "So sick và tired of all the needless beatings, but baby when they knock you down và out, is where you oughta stay" ?think about that and listen again.Ben from Detroit, MiOh... I thought that in this the patient has already died và he wants to tell his lover that its ok to lớn move on and even though he"s going to miss her, she can move on with her life. Và if she doesnt get up from his toàn thân and leave him now (Baby get up, while you can) she is never going to move on with her life. Coist from Crewe, EnglandThis song is about the patient declaring he isn"t in love with the woman he thought he was. Earlier in the album, he is very angry at his lover (This is how I disappear). But "I dont love you" is him realising hes not in love with her like he used to beAliya from Rocklin, CaHe called off his marriage? Why? & when did this happen?Becca from City, InAfter Playing this tuy vậy in concert, gerard anounced that he was calling off his marriage lớn Eliza.. "She can burn in hell for all I care" then showed the camera his hand without a ring on it.. I know thats not what the tuy vậy was written about but.. I"m just putting that out there...Amber from New York, Nyi just wanna hotline gerard up on the phone and ask him to explain every songAmber from New York, Nythe prostitute one seems about ryteStina from London, United StatesI think the abusive language is khổng lồ explain the two lovers pain they are feeling when they are breaking up, I take it one is in love with the other, & the other one just can"t love them anymore but doesn"t want to hurt them, và the other one isn"t quite sure if its ending, hence the chorus, "when you go, would you even turn lớn say, I don"t love you, like I did yesterday" Its a question Hillary from _, United StatesIt could be that he has mixed feelings about a girl who"s been in abusive relationships with other men. Since it says "when THEY knock you down and out..."Katie from Temecula, Caits not about a danm prostitute!!!!!it just about when this couple just falls apart.... It happens... It might have ben a abusisve relashinship cuz he metoions beatings in itBlue from Cleveland, OhI feel that this song changes POV during verses...The first verse (to me) says that this girl did something(murder?) & is going to lớn hell/jail, (And maybe when you get back I"ll be off khổng lồ find another way.And after all this time that you still owe.)But he still kind of wants her lớn stay(better get out while you can.)The girl is too scared khổng lồ say she doesn"t/never loved him(When you go would you even turn to lớn say I don"t love you like I did yesterday.)Then it"s the girls POV & she starts lớn bring up dirt from the guys past and how he beat her(Sometimes I cry so hard from pleading So sick & tired from all the needless beating.But baby when they knock you down & out is where you oughta stay.And after all the blood that you still owe.)And how he only dated her for her money and in a way still abusing her.(Another dollar"s just another blow.)He continues lớn tell her that he doesn"t love her any more... That"s about it...Ali from Oxford, PaI believe this tuy nhiên is about a relationship that begins lớn wither và fall apart, và it ends with one of the lovers, leaving the other, và the other lover asks the other is "When you go, would you have the guts lớn say, "I don"t love you like I did yesterday,"?" as almost closure lớn them, to know that it is really over.It also shows this in the video, with the man finally leaving his old love.Meggo from Baton Rouge, Lai"ve always thought it was about the patient attempting lớn make it easier to die for himself by trying to convince & old love to lớn say they don"t love him anymore seeing as how he is depressed about leaving his loved ones behind when he dies.Matt from Honolulu, HiI agree its not about a prostitute. I feel that the tuy vậy can be told from ne sitution from unrequited love lớn a serious relationship. It seems from an outside point of view from how he sings the tuy nhiên itself.Sarah from Wellington, New ZealandGerard said recently in an interview that this was the least personal tuy vậy for him on The đen Parade. He said he"s a people watcher & that "I Don"t Love You" was written about people/friends he has observed và their relationships... So it"s definitely not about a prostitute. Graemie from Fraserburghmy chemical romance rock, yên ổn in a band và anytime we play this tuy nhiên i get so emotional singing it because the lyrics are so strong, amazing song, i think everyone can just interpit it in their own way.Samantha from Sunderland, EnglandI think that this song is about 2 people hu were in love but 1 of them left the otha because ov sum reason và they want them to lớn say that they dnt love them any more 2 there face.Aisling from Dublin, Irelandi seriously doubt this song is about a prostitute.i think its about a relationship that has ended and one of them still loves the other, và wants them khổng lồ say they dont love them any more, (When you go,Would you even turn to say "I don"t love you like I did Yesterday"). The one that is still in love wants khổng lồ know that the other doesnt love them anymore, so they can have closure on the relationship.Tom from Boston, EnglandIts about Gereard Way falling out with the Used"s lead singer Bert McrackenAudie from Auckland, New ZealandI am not sure what the song is about - maybe it is about Gerard Way saying he doesn"t love his girlfriend, Katmandu, anymore. I"ve heard they ended their 6-year relationship during the recording of The black Parade album. But I don"t think it"s about a prostitute.Chris from Los Angeles, CaYou Nick Defiance you are so stupid khổng lồ say MCR sucks curse you!!! Maybe you jus dont understand the meaning thats why you hate them. You dont understand the lyrics because you are stupid!! ,,i,,Charlotte. From I Don"t Need A Stalker., PaIt"s a concept album. The Patient"s talking to his girlfriend or ex-girlfriend.Asa from Atlanta, Gamy favNick from Defiance, Ohyesica"s right, mechanical romance sucks.Christina from Sam"s Town, Vablow could easily be a ddrug referenceChelsey from ?, Lawell lặng not sure. Sometomes when i hear it, it sounds lượt thích an abusive relasionship but then again the music đoạn clip has nothing to do with that. I think it is about 2 ppl that love each other but one has second thoughts. Và the other one knows. So they said " i dont love you lượt thích i did yesterday" ( i guess they r saying "just tell me the truth.")Stacey from Vic, AustraliaThis is my fave tuy nhiên off the new album & i dont believe its about prostitution. Everyone has a different interpretation of a song and in my opinion its a destructive relationship. Why would you turn khổng lồ a client & say "i dont love you lượt thích i did yesterday"? But then again we may be wrong...Amber from Parsons, KsSometimes it does sound like prostitution for obvious reasons và others it just seems like an abusive relationship. I personally think thats its about an abusive relationship because of the whole "I dont love you like I did yesterday". If it was about prostitution then they wouldnt have fallen in love khổng lồ begin with.Yesica from Visalia, CaI don"t think that tuy vậy is about a prostitute. Its about being a relationship and having khổng lồ fight every time that it came lớn the point he doesn"t love her lượt thích he did before. "Another dollar"s just another blow" doesn"t indicate that. I don"t believe my chemical romance would write that kind of thing in their music. It might just mean that wasting money or even time is just another blow to the face because it all disappear. My meaning might not be but i know for sure my chemical romance wouldn"t write about a prostitute.see more comments