First off, let"s introduce ourselves. Our names are Amy and Hao & we want you to lớn know how grateful we are to you for looking at our book. Our goal is for you to lớn get to lớn know who we are in an honest và real way. Adoption has a complex variety of feelings for all parties involved, especially for you. We can"t begin to lớn understand the emotional and overwhelming circumstances you have had to face in making these difficult decisions. We want you to know we tư vấn you & think that what you are doing is selfless và generous beyond comprehension.

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From an early age, I knew carrying a child khổng lồ full term would be highly unlikely. So when we met the discussion of having children was apart of our early conversations. We always wanted a family & knew adoption was going khổng lồ be how we would become parents.
Our upbringings helped lớn shape the people that we are today, & how we will parent our children in the future. We both came from families that have not experienced divorce. Watching our parent"s relationships, through both joyous và difficult times, showed us the meaning of commitment that is required for a lasting marriage.
Our family includes no shortage of caring aunts & fun uncles. One thing you can be certain of is DOTING GRANDPARENTS!! We are blessed that we can go lớn anyone in our family for guidance, advice, and support. You could not ask for a more dedicated crew of family members!!
Our promise to you is that we will honor you in the way that you deserve. We will share photos và the progress of this wonderful và cherished child"s life. You will be included in their life story from the beginning which will continue as they grow và begin to lớn develop questions that can only be created by genuine curiosity. You will only be treated with respect, always.
We hope that our book gives you insight into who we are as people. We have very different strengths that will lead khổng lồ us raising a well-rounded child with abilities in a variety of areas. Together we will teach them the importance of acceptance và kindness khổng lồ those around them, while still being independent và able lớn stand up for themselves.
The greatest hope that Hao & I mô tả is khổng lồ raise this child, khổng lồ provide them safety & security, all with an embarrassing amount of love and affection. Thank you for considering us; we could not vày it without you.

For both Hao và myself, this relationship was unlike any other. We fell in love quickly. Hao said I love you after three days. I was a bit more reserved và returned the sentiment on day four. We knew we had met "the one" & got engaged after three months of dating. What can we say? When you know you know.
When we announced our engagement to lớn our families they had opposite ways of showing their unapologetic love of their child. My family loved whoever I brought home, simply because I loved them. Hao"s parent"s wanted lớn ensure that whoever he was marrying was strong enough to prove their commitment.
I want to lớn pass on to my child the understanding that love is a combination of unconditional consideration, sacrifice, and that it is limitless. I will give my child many tools lớn battle any circumstances. I will pass on confidence, humility, tolerance, and civility. I want khổng lồ provide what is necessary for my child lớn be a well-rounded person & help them as they decide what they want lớn become.
Our wedding was more than just a ceremony. It was truly where our families came together to become a part of one another"s lives. Since being wed, our families have genuinely & fully supported one another through all the challenging & celebratory elements that life brings. We have even shared Thanksgiving all together as one entire family.

We love the holidays and feel very fortunate to lớn have our families so close khổng lồ be able lớn celebrate with. For New Year"s Eve we go out khổng lồ dinner lớn celebrate the achievements of the past year and what opportunities lie ahead in the new year. When we come home, we join our neighbors in lighting fireworks which go well past Midnight. Our small community comes together to put on quite a show.
In February, we celebrate the Chinese New Year with Hao"s family at their childhood home. It a major holiday & no one misses it. We give offerings such as fruit, meals, & desserts for Buddha and our family ancestors honoring them for our existence. Festive food, gambling to demo your luck in the new year, and a Lion Dance which is a group of people puppeteering a dragon and a lion which represents the start of a new year. Hao"s father is educated in the Chinese horoscopes and knows it so well that he can tell you about the previous year and next years based on the year, month, và even day one was born.
Halloween is a holiday we both love, especially dressing up in costumes! We are so excited lớn create matching family costumes once our little one arrives!We recently started hosting Thanksgiving và enjoy having the whole family over lớn feast. We always start the morning watching the Macy"s Day Parade, which I have been lucky enough to lớn attend when I visited New York, followed by watching The National Dog Show where we each pick who we think will win the Best in Show title.

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Christmas is special because we get more time off khổng lồ enjoy different fun activities with each other. We enjoy relaxing at my parent"s house in our pajamas, watching Christmas movies, and baking yummy desserts. Aunts, uncles, và friends all come over và we celebrate together. Everyone is very excited to showroom the first little one to lớn all our holiday fun!

I come from a very close-knit family. My parents came over as refugees and were great role models giving me the tools lớn adapt, be independent, & showed me the importance of family togetherness. They have been married for 40 years và live in Texas. We talk weekly & see each other several times a year.
My mom"s work ethic is unmatched when it comes to lớn anything she feels responsible for. I get my strong-willed nature from her. My father is a man of principle and follows his instincts closely. Family closeness was always at the forefront of how he parented.
I have 3 siblings, two younger brothers, and my younger sister. My sister has a younger daughter who we love spending time with. They all live in Texas as well so we get to lớn visit often. I am very close khổng lồ my siblings & have always taken my role as a big brother very seriously. I believe love, experiences, & the fact we did many things together are why we"re close to lớn this day. I also have aunts, uncles, and cousins who live all over & we enjoy spending time with them when we visit.We are happy in knowing that our child will grow up surrounded by love and tư vấn from our extended families.

We spend a lot of time with my family và cherish the close bond we all have. My parents have been married for almost 40 years and they live very close khổng lồ us.
My mom is my best friend and we are very much alike. She is kind, supportive, và funny. She is the real reason I found my calling as a teacher showing me that education should be fun. My dad is very supportive và encouraging. We have a wonderful relationship and always make each other laugh. If I ever need help, he will be there as quick as he can! This will be their first grandchild & they are over the moon excited to shower them with love & affection!
My older brother Daniel will definitely be the "fun" uncle. He knows something on just about any topic you could think of. We have a close relationship & go to lunch once a month, in addition khổng lồ seeing one another at family meals & gatherings. I am also fortunate to lớn have an aunt that I am close lớn who we see often.
Family is the utmost important thing in our lives và everyone is so excited to welcome a new addition lớn our family!

We chose our home particularly because of its type & style. It"s very warm and inviting with lots of greenery. We have a large backyard which is great for running and playing and a covered patio with a built-in BBQ pit và cooking area for entertaining.
We love its location, the surrounding top-notch schools, and we lượt thích that the community is on a wildlife preserve. There are several amenity centers including a huge pool with a kiddie fun area and a lazy river! and not to lớn mention the hiking trails & playgrounds areas.
We are so excited lớn become parents và can"t wait for all the fun and adventures we will have together as a family. We enjoy food, movies, festivals, county fairs, và spending time with our friends & family.
We both have many passions that we can’t wait to giới thiệu with our child. Hao very much enjoys disc golf and as he likes to say, it was love at first toss. I am passionate about art, interior design, & decorating my trang chủ and classroom. The feeling that a trang chủ can create, such as being warm, inviting, và unique is important to me. My father introduced Hao lớn sailing & It’s become a enjoy of his. The water is therapeutic và distracting from actual distractions.
We enjoy traveling và look forward to lớn doing more of it as a family. Amy is a world traveler & has been khổng lồ Canada, Mexico, Ireland, Scotland, the Bahamas, Italy, New York, and Spain. Seeing more of the world and understanding how others live is truly fascinating lớn her.
We can"t forget khổng lồ introduce our furry family members. Vivee Valentine is the exact embodiment of her name. She is the sweetest và tiniest one out of all of our dogs và she loves to cuddle with us.
Matilda Lou Bear has always been very driven by food, which is how she got her name. She"s very obedient, loyal, protective, LOUD, and she is simply beautiful. She has always had the same playful attitude that always makes you smile.
Katie Bell is the youngest and a bit stubborn. When she wants attention you are expected to lớn come to lớn her & if she needs something she will huff & whine to gọi you over. She loves khổng lồ be scratched behind her ears & will twist till you hit the right spot.
Hello & Thank You , Hello from Connecticut! Before we say anything else, we want to lớn let you know that we’re so grateful you are where you are at this very moment - reading profiles of prospective adoptive families. We don’t pretend khổng lồ know how you’re feeling but can imagine the range of emotions you may be experiencing và just want to say thank you so much for making the decision khổng lồ consider adoption. We, Scott & Jen, hope that as you read our profile, you’ll get a glimpse into who we are and how grateful we are for the blessing of adoption. Long before we knew each other, we both had the desire lớn have children & raise a family. So, receiving the same diagnosis of “Unexplained Infertility” from two different practices, 3 years apart, was heart-breaking for us. At that time, many options were presented khổng lồ us for how we could pursue trying khổng lồ build our family, but from the very beginning, adoption felt like the right choice for us. In January of 2016, we had the incredible blessing of welcoming our daughter, Hannah Grace, into our family. She was the answer lớn so many prayers! Every day, in both the joys & challenges of parenthood, we are filled with awe at how God brought Hannah into our lives. We love her so much and are forever grateful lớn her biological parents for making the decision to choose adoption. Now, as we look forward to having another child as part of our family, we feel the same overwhelming gratefulness toward those we haven’t yet met. One of our prayers is that our children will never doubt that they are special & loved - by us, by God & by their birth parents. We will consistently remind them not only of how much we love them, but also of the incredibly loving choice their biological mothers made in carrying them & choosing adoption for them. We hope you enjoy looking at our profile and get a feel for who we are, what we enjoy and value và how much love we have for one another. Thank you, again, for your selfless courage to lớn consider adoption. We wish you the best and pray God’s blessings on you in your journey. With love và gratitude, Scott và Jen
Occupation Certified Public Accountant Director of Operations for a K3-12th Private School Education Master"s Degree Bachelor"s Degree Children Everly (6) A Few of Our Favorite Things Hobby Playing Guitar Baking Family Activity Making family movies Vacations, walks around our neighborhood và eating dinner together Food Spaghetti Chocolate chip cookies quality in each other Her compassion & empathy towards others His sense of humor Place khổng lồ Vacation The beach The mountains
Occupation Retail kiến thiết Business Development Education Master"s Degree Master"s Degree Children Peri (8) & Shaye (5) A Few of Our Favorite Things Family Activity Road trips, Bowling & trying new local restaurants Going lớn Park và Carnivals Hobby Cars, Music và Traveling (specially road trips/exploring). Running & Cooking Food Anything my wife cooks, Mediterranean và Latin cuisine Chicken Movie Office Space & What about Bob The Italian Job Place khổng lồ Vacation The Smoky Mountains Venice Italy
Occupation Mechanical Engineer Senior sale Coordinator Education Bachelor"s Degree Bachelor"s Degree Children Eisley (3) A Few of Our Favorite Things Hobby Leather crafting & woodwork Cooking và decorating Family Activity Hiking & BBQ’s Botanical Gardens & Zoo Sports Football và basketball Football & karate Food Chicken wings, steak & sushi Cheese fries, brownies, oysters và steak Holiday Halloween & Christmas Thanksgiving & Christmas
Hello và Thank You , We are Matt, Brittni & Braelyn! Who are we really? We are an "always on the go, planning countless trips to the waterpark" type of family; we are joyous & full of laughter, we treat every day lượt thích a blessing, và we"re always up for making an ice cream run in our jammies, before bed. We look forward to adding a thành viên to our ongoing bedtime snuggles, Disney/Florida trips, morning coffee và muffins, & backyard campfire parties. The journey God has given us has not always been easy, but has provided us with such a strong relationship rooted in faith. Since we were young, adoption has always been something we talked about & prayed about. We have been blessed with the opportunity to have loved ones in our family who are adopted, và completely comprehend & feel how love comes unconditionally và wholeheartedly, no matter the circumstances. As well, coming from large families ourselves, & having such strong relationships with our own siblings và parents, it has never been a doubt in our minds that we wanted children to lớn fill our hearts and home. We have one biological child, Braelyn, who brings our lives unfathomable joy and light. Due khổng lồ complications after the birth of our daughter, & life saving measures that had to lớn be taken, we are unable to lớn carry another child. After many years of prayers, opening our hearts lớn foster children, & hard choices, God has led our hearts to lớn pursue adoption. As parents it always has been, and always will be, our main goal khổng lồ embrace the uniqueness & individuality of our children, being their biggest cheerleaders along the way while seamlessly making our children know the blessing they truly are. Each child has their own strengths và interests, và it is our job khổng lồ help create a loving and safe place for their creativity to lớn grow, and to always find the comfort lớn come khổng lồ us và share what truly is on their minds & their deepest passions. It is our promise lớn love and provide a truly joyful space for the children who bless our home, a space where they can be silly và radiate their true selves. We can not wait to showroom to our family & create long-lasting memories và traditions in our trang chủ for years to lớn come. We are beyond ready for this beautiful journey. As we can not even begin to comprehend the selfless và brave choice you have made in choosing adoption for your child, we hope that during the time you get to know us, you will find tư vấn and reassurance in each step of this journey. We are here for you along the way! Sincerely, Matt và Brittni
Hello & Thank You , We are Benjamin and Summer. We would lượt thích to take a moment to say thank you so much for considering us as a forever family for your child. We cannot express khổng lồ you how much we respect you and can only imagine how hard this decision must be. It takes a strong, courageous person khổng lồ make these tough decisions. We were blessed to lớn find each other & couldn’t wait khổng lồ start our family. Unfortunately, Summer found out that she is unable to lớn conceive and carry a child. This road bump had not halted our desire to lớn have children. Through much prayer and consideration, we chose adoption as the avenue by which to add to our family. Jonah was born on a cold day in winter but immediately warmed our hearts when he was lovingly handed to lớn us by the way of adoption. We experienced an overwhelming amount of emotions leading up to and the day we met our son. First, we were scared. Scared khổng lồ be first-time parents & take on the responsibility of caring for another human being. We were ecstatic to lớn embark on this adventure together for the first time as a family & now we are ready to địa chỉ another blessing through adoption. The foundation of our relationship is an unwavering amount of love, respect, và friendship. These defining traits of our relationship have evolved from the strength of our relationship we have with Christ. We want lớn create a home in which our children will feel loved và accepted. We hope to raise our children lớn be joyful, live with integrity, and love the Lord. Our goals as parents will be to lớn encourage our children khổng lồ live up to lớn their full potential, right from wrong, and an infinite amount of love. We can’t wait khổng lồ watch them learn and grow. Along with that, we want to lớn have fun & take them on adventures to lớn see things that we may never have seen ourselves. We can’t wait to have more adventures & make memories as a family of four. Thank You so much for taking the time to lớn read our book & learn a little about us! Sincerely, Ben & Summer
Occupation Engineer Pediatrician Education Bachelor’s Degree Doctorate Children None A Few of Our Favorite Things Hobby DIY projects & building things Hiking, gardening và swimming Food Enchiladas Pizza Place khổng lồ Vacation Cruises Beach Holiday Christmas Christmas Family Activity Boating, biking & BBQing Painting, playing outdoors with our dog Dozer & baking
Occupation Elementary School Principal Virtual High School English Teacher Education Master"s Degree Bachelor"s Degree Children Gabriel (16) , Brooklyn (11) , & Case (9 ) A Few of Our Favorite Things Hobby Coaching baseball, yardwork & exercising Reading new books, running và gardening Family Activity Family game nights, sports in the backyard và attending sports events Taking hikes, bicycle rides & swimming in the backyard Movie Harry Potter, Indiana Jones & Rudy Cheaper by the Dozen và Pride & Prejudice Food Seafood và Steak Hibachi Music Anywhere Disney và the mountains Anywhere Disney và the beach
Hello & Thank You , Thinking about the first words we would say khổng lồ you consumes us. How can we express the gratitude & love we already feel for you? We are Lori và Adam và we want lớn thank you for considering us to lớn be your child"s adoptive family. Though our circumstances và situation may be different, our coming together was written in our story long before we knew.-- và that is more precious than gold,  You are selfless, brave, và beyond strong. The magnitude of your decision shows how deeply you love your child. "There is Gold in every piece of your story" that saying reminds me of how Japanese culture restores porcelain that has been chipped or broken, they piece it back together with a layer of gold. That veining of Gold brings out the imperfection, making it a chất lượng centerpiece for a story that has yet been told. We are merely trying lớn say God is creating a masterpiece out of our story and you are the solid gold God is using to lớn put our broken pieces back together. Ever since I was a young girl I have wanted lớn adopt & be a stay at home Mom. Adoption became more real to us two years after we got married. Due to complications, it made it impossible for me lớn get pregnant without medical intervention. This was God"s way of showing us that while His desire for our lives may be different it is so beautiful. We are beyond excited to lớn grow our family through adoption. Your child will be so loved, adored, & provided for. Your child will know the sacrifice you made và the love you have for them và they will always know where they came from and who their first family is. We look forward to lớn getting to lớn know you and hope to lớn have the opportunity lớn develop a relationship together. We are praying for you, your health, your pregnancy, và your child. Much Love, Adam & Lori