During an appearance on Ryan Seacrest"s radio show, Bieber was asked about the meaning behind this song"s title. He replied: "Well, like, girls are often like, they"re just flip-floppy… they say something & then they mean something else, you know? So it"s like, I want to, like: "What vì you mean?"
The tuy vậy is a collaboration with Jason "Poo Bear" Boyd who has worked with the likes of Whitney Houston, Usher và Pink. He previously co-wrote most of the songs in Justin Bieber"s Music Mondays series.
Bieber performed this tuy nhiên at the năm ngoái MTV video clip Music Awards. At the kết thúc of the performance, he was strapped to an apparatus & lifted about 50 feet in the air, doing some aerial maneuvers before returning to lớn the ground và breaking into tears.

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The song"s raunchy music clip was shot by movie director Brad Furman, whose credits include The Lincoln Lawyer (2011) & Runner Runner (2013). The đoạn clip finds Bieber getting intimate with his co-star, Moldavian mã sản phẩm and actress Xenia Deli, in a seedy motel - before getting kidnapped by some masked men. It turns out that the singer had planned it all along and he ends up partying at a skate park with his kidnappers.The clip co-stars Colombian-American actor John Leguizamo, whose resumé includes playing Chi-Chi in to lớn Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar (for which he was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor) và voicing Sid the Sloth for the film Ice Age & its sequels.
Justin Bieber became the 21st artist khổng lồ debut at #1 on the Hot 100 when this bowed at the peak position. He was the first Canadian and the youngest ever solo male artist to vị so.

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Bieber really wants an answer khổng lồ his question. He repeats the title "What bởi You Mean?" 28 times throughout the song.
Bieber told radio host Ryan Seacrest that a lot of his inspiration for his music comes from Gomez. "It was a long relationship và a relationship that created heartbreak và created happiness, và a lot of different emotions that I wanted to lớn write about," he said.
Justin Bieber recorded a remix of this tuy vậy with Ariana Grande. Fans who pre-ordered his Purpose
album got a copy for không tính tiền of the new duet version.
The tuy nhiên uses a ticking clock as one of the instrumental hooks lớn signify that time is running out, so the girl better cosplay her mind. When this topped the charts, no other đứng đầu 10 hits used a clock sound, so it also made the tuy nhiên instantly identifiable.
Bieber uses contrasts within the lyrics khổng lồ show his frustration with this indecisive girl: "Don"t want for us to end, where vày I start?," "First you wanna go lớn the left then you wanna turn right," "First you"re up, then you"re down và then between."
This was voted by the staff of Spin as their Best song of 2015. They said: "The suspense of whether or not "What vì chưng You Mean?" would be the song to put Bieber back on đứng đầu lasted maybe 15 seconds. If it"s technically possible lớn resist those dawn-of-a-new-day piano chords as long as they"re only accompanied by the metronomic timepiece, once Justin utters the title phrase for the first time and the parkour-hopping synth hits, it"s all over. The groove is instantly familiar, but not quite like anything else you"ve ever heard: No pop tuy vậy in recent history has been this light on its feet, to lớn the point where the most apt musical point of comparison isn"t really the tropical house of Kygo and Robin Schulz, but the weightless, pleasure-center-poking scores to "90s đoạn phim games like Sonic the Hedgehog và Mario Kart 64."