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Jean-Jacques Lafon is a French singer-songwriter who began his musical career by taking piano lessons from the age of 8 và who, from the age of 16, joined a ballroom orchestra with which he played every weekend.

He first studied psychotherapy before really embarking on a career as a singer. Career that really began in 1982 with the release of the 45 Tours “Sa Difference”. Single that goes almost unnoticed.

It wasn't until 1984 that he saw his first big esteem success with the single "C'est beaucoup mieux comme ça".

And it was 1 year later in 1985 that the singer achieved consecration with the enormous hit "Le géant de papier", a flagship single that would be one of the biggest French hits of the year.

Tube which will make definitively return the artist in the big book of the musical history of the 80s. Other titles will be released thereafter but will remain almost confidential.

For the anecdote, apart from the fact that he wrote for himself one of the biggest French titles of the decade 80, he is also one of the 3 authors, under the pseudo of J. Falon, of one of the craziest hits of the same decade, namely the now cult “Viens boire un p'tit coup à la maison”.

Sa différence 1982

La première fois 1983

C’est beaucoup mieux comme ça 1984

Le géant de papier 1985

Ne laissez pas le soleil se coucher 1986

Un mot pour un autre 1986

Le diable au cœur 1987

Elle voit 1987

Mon cœur dans les étoiles 1987

Mourir à Toulouse 1988

Seulement te dire… 1990

Les années Caroline 1991

On avait rêvé 1991

Je te donnerai 1991

Latin lover 2016

1985 ... His Masterpiece. Surely one of the most beautiful songs of the decade on the French side. THE title of a lifetime that makes him definitively enter the musical history of the 80s

1986 ... A sequel of certain chất lượng but the singer can not repeat the feat he achieved the previous year. To lớn the impossible no one is required !

1986 ... Come on, a little soundtrack khổng lồ continue the adventure. Certainly, it will not be the song of the year but the 'LAFON' style is once again a hit

1987 ... A good job, once again. His know-how in the field of 'With emotions' is indisputable và even if he never leaves it, we take, we take ...

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1987 ... An Intimist register which he never leaves & which will forever remain his business. Rightly or wrongly, that's something else ...

1987 ... A hint of tempo acceleration but really a hint. It is clear that he will never finish N°1 of the French Top50 in the Dance category ...

1988 ... He continues his adventure without changing anything, neither in his style, nor in the sound. Ah, we would have liked so much to see him deliver a tuy vậy that sets the Dancefloor on fire, just lớn see if he was able lớn change register ...

1990 ... Nothing khổng lồ do, the change of decade will not see him evolve from an Iota. As much as the 1980s was Dance và Intimist, the 1990s will be essentially Dance. Attention danger...

1991 ... An absence of questioning that he will pay at a high price. His inimitable style, which made his fortune during the 1980s, will not be able lớn resist the surge of new musical trends of the 1990s ...

1991 ... He finally realizes that it is high time khổng lồ step up the tempo. But it is already far too late, the delay with the competition is now irrecoverable ...

1991 ... He will have tried everything, including the shock & charm duo. Despite a certain chất lượng of title, this will not be enough khổng lồ bring him back in the race for a long time ...

Top Bonus: năm nhâm thìn ... When 3 of the greatest charming singers of the 1980s decide to vì chưng a jam together. Chất lượng moment !