Let It Go Lyrics by Frozen

The snow glows white on the mountain tonightNot a footprint lớn be seenA kingdom of isolationAnd it looks like I’m the queen

The wind is howling lượt thích this swirling storm insideCouldn’t keep it in, heaven knows I tried!

Don’t let them in, don’t let them seeBe the good girl you always have to beConceal, don’t feel, don’t let them knowWell, now they know!

Let it go, let it goCan’t hold it back anymoreLet it go, let it goTurn away & slam the door!

I don’t careWhat they’re going khổng lồ sayLet the storm rage onThe cold never bothered me anyway!

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Frozen – Show Yourself (Mp3 Download, Lyrics)

It’s funny how some distanceMakes everything seem smallAnd the fears that once controlled meCan’t get to lớn me at all!

It’s time lớn see what I can doTo kiểm tra the limits and break throughNo right, no wrong, no rules for me I’m free!

Let it go, let it goI am one with the wind and skyLet it go, let it goYou’ll never see me cry!

Here I standAnd here I’ll stayLet the storm rage on!

My nguồn flurries through the air into the groundMy soul is spiraling in frozen fractals all aroundAnd one thought crystallizes like an icy blastI’m never going backThe past is in the past!

Let it go, let it goAnd I’ll rise lượt thích the break of dawnLet it go, let it goThat perfect girl is gone!

Here I standIn the light of dayLet the storm rage onThe cold never bothered me anyway!

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