Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar On Me” single was released in the U.S. In April 1988. (The U.K. Release occurred several months earlier, in September 1987.)


Pour Some Sugar On Me? What A Great Idea!

As documented numerous times over the years, “Pour Some Sugar On Me” originated from Joe Elliott simply messing around on an acoustic guitar during a break in the recording studio while wrapping up the Hysteria album.

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Fortunately, Joe’s idea caught the ear of producer extraordinaire Mutt Lange, who immediately felt a gem of a tuy nhiên could be constructed from it. (Read an in-depth look at Mutt Lange’s body toàn thân of work with Def Leppard và many other music artists here.)

The rest is history.

Here is a clip of Joe discussing the song’s origins:

Love Is lượt thích A…What?

“Pour Some Sugar On Me” successfully combines metaphors & sexual innuendos with vague, nonsensical lyrics that sound great phonetically, but don’t necessarily have any meaning.

For instance, the origin of the song’s unforgettable opening line “Love is like a bomb.” Joe Elliott explained how it came about on the Hysteria episode of the “Classic Albums” documentary series:

“Myself & Mutt Lange had dictaphones & we actually just went lớn opposite ends of the control room while it was playing and just made noises over the backing track & swapped machines and started translating what we thought the words were, & the first line on Mutt’s tapes, lớn me, sounded lượt thích ‘Love is lượt thích a bomb’…and that set the whole tone for the lyric.”

That’s not to lớn say Joe’s music influences didn’t also make their way into the tuy nhiên — after all, “Sugar Sugar” by The Archies (reportedly, the first record Joe ever bought) does include the line “Pour a little sugar on me, baby…”!

Do You Take Sugar…Mutt Lange?

Have you ever heard the “unofficial” demo (supposedly from the early Hysteria recording sessions) of “Pour Some Sugar On Me”? It’s been on the mạng internet for years và allegedly features producer Mutt Lange on lead vocals (using rough, temporary lyrics) to lớn lay out the track’s foundation.

It’s definitely amusing & makes you appreciate the song’s end result all the more.

Check it out:

Pour Some Sugar On Me Lesson: Topping The Charts Isn’t Everything

“Love Bites” may officially be considered Def Leppard’s “biggest” hit because it reached #1 on Billboard‘s Hot 100 singles chart, but “Pour Some Sugar On Me” is arguably the track that had the greatest overall impact on the Hysteria album’s success.

It was “Pour Some Sugar On Me” that caught everyone’s attention: radio stations & MTV fell in love with it và supported it with what seemed lượt thích endless heavy rotation. As a result, record stores could barely keep Hysteria in stock, with several million copies being sold during the single’s run.

That’s how significant “Pour Some Sugar On Me” was.

The song provided Def Leppard with the opportunity to lớn reclaim the mainstream pop culture spotlight, và not only revisit but surpass the immense success they enjoyed with Pyromania.

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“Pour Some Sugar On Me” also perfectly positioned follow-up single “Love Bites” to reach an established mass audience, resulting in the band’s first #1 hit in the U.S. And, subsequently, adding even more sales momentum lớn the Hysteria album & tour.

Unlike “Love Bites,” though, “Pour Some Sugar On Me” peaked at #2 on Billboard‘s singles chart. Regardless, between the two songs, it’s practically impossible to imagine a Def Leppard concert without “Pour Some Sugar On Me” on the setlist.

Def Leppard Will Continue to lớn Pour Some Sugar

“Pour Some Sugar On Me” was not only one of the biggest songs of the late-’80s, if not the decade, but it also remains one of the band’s most important.

The tuy nhiên took on a life of its own, and, for better or worse, is the track many people will always associate with Def Leppard.

It’s not surprising Joe Elliott was asked during a 2019 TV interview with Good Morning America — decades after the song’s release — khổng lồ literally pour some sugar into a mug for the interviewer’s nostalgic amusement.

It’s also no surprise that Joe filmed a humorous, surreal video clip in 2018 which went viral titled “Pouring Sugar with Joe Elliott” based around the song’s title. The clip captured him pouring sugar onto items & witnessing the magic that results! Fans ate it up, pun intended.

Def Leppard: Pour Some Sugar On Me (Final Thoughts)

Def Leppard has performed “Pour Some Sugar On Me” in concert thousands of times. They know it’s wanted và expected from the majority of live audiences, và that’s why the tuy vậy will always remain a staple in the band’s setlist.

Several decades after its release, the tuy vậy continues lớn stir up excitement among concertgoers. It’s an event in and of itself lớn hear it performed live & sing along to, and will always be one of the most memorable high points of a Def Leppard show.

This site ranks “Pour Some Sugar On Me” the #3 track off of the Hysteria album, describing it as:

“A bombastic, rock powerhouse. It’s a boss khủng of a tuy vậy — as in quái nhân drums, boss guitars, & monster hooks — all complementing its gruff, rap-infused, sing-along vocals. Blend them all together and you have an outstanding result.”

To this day, many fans still crave their ‘Sugar’ fix, and they always will — in the name of love và Def Leppard!