Marx wrote this tuy nhiên on the road as a love letter to his wife, actress Cynthia Rhodes. In a 2010 interview, Marx told the Indian newspaper The Indian Express the story behind the song: "I wrote the tuy nhiên for my wife Cynthia who was in South Africa shooting for a film. We were not married then & I wanted to lớn meet her because I had not seen her for a few months. But my visa application was rejected and when I came back I wrote this song which was more of a letter from me lớn her.

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It was the fastest tuy vậy I wrote, in barely trăng tròn minutes. & this was the time when there was no Skype và Social networking so I had to lớn ship the track to lớn her. The tuy nhiên was very personal và was not intended khổng lồ go public. But my friends pursued me to lớn record it."Marx & Rhodes were married from 1989-2014.
Marx originally pitched the tuy vậy to Barbra Streisand. But she had a few issues with his lyrics. "She called and said, "I love this music, this melody is gorgeous, but if I"m going lớn record it, I"m going to need you to rewrite the lyrics because I"m not going lớn be right here waiting for anybody,"" Marx recalled to lớn CBS in a 2013 interview.
This was used in a comical fashion on Chuck in the season 2 episode "Chuck Versus The Seduction." On Morgan"s faulty advice, Devon plans a bizarre lãng mạn evening for Ellie based on her favorite things from middle school, including the Repeat Offender
This was also used in these TV shows:Family Guy ("Young Parent Trap" - 2021)The Good Place ("Everything Is Bonzer!" - 2018)Life In Pieces ("Poison Fire Teats Universe" - 2017)Raising Hope ("The Cultish Personality" - 2011)And these movies:Dina (2017)Good Deeds (2012)

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(goldielox80srocks) from Sring Branch,tx.78070Wow! I was under the impression that" Right here waiting" was written for a girl you might know by the name of " Christie Brinkley ". I also forgot about how great a performer Mr. Lionel Ritchie was. Great about this awesome song.Jp from Temple Hills, MarylandIt"s a beautiful Love Song! Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn July 2nd 1989, "Right Here Waiting" by Richard Marx entered Billboard"s Hot vị trí cao nhất 100 chart at position #44; & on August 6th, 1989 it peaked at #1 (for 3 weeks) and spent 7 weeks on the vị trí cao nhất 10...And on July 28th, 1989 it also reached #1 (for 6 weeks) on Billboard"s Adult Contemporary Tracks chart... It peaked at #1 in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, and Japan...Earlier in 1989 on June 18th his "Satisfied" also peaked at #1 for 1 week...And on November 26th his third vị trí cao nhất 100 record of 1989 reached #4 for one week.Jim from Dover, Deour oceans apart are actually land và I send this tuy vậy to you lớn bring you close. I"ll ALWAYS be here waiting for you. Know this, I"ll be the one standing High On A Hill looking for you so you can cảm ứng Me When We"re Dancing. I want lớn Hear You Say You Love Me because Suddenly, My Special Angel took me Into The Night and I know that you"ll Hold On My Heart. ILYIvana from Baltimore, MdI just have to showroom that this tuy vậy conjures some beautiful images. When I listen to lớn it, I imagine that my lover had sung this to me right before we departed from each other & I"m atop of a deck of a ship looking out into the ocean remembering it!!!! The music at the beginning of the tuy vậy conjures up an image of the ocean for me & I"m thinking that was Richard Marx"s intention to conjure up an image of the ocean in music at the beginning of the tuy vậy to correlate with the first line of the lyrics:"Oceans after day..." It"s truly amazing!!!!! That first line is just saying that his lover going places,perhaps traveling,for each day, while she"s away from him. I found out that his girlfriend at the time was actually a model so she was really going places!!! Hence, how the tuy vậy seems to lớn conjure up an image of traveling by ship.I can"t ever get tired of listening to lớn this song!!!! The 80"s và 90"s truly had some beautiful songs that came out at that time & I was born then and I love it!!!Ivana from Baltimore, MdI looked up this song and I just had to comment on it. It"s just too pretty!!!!!!!!! I love it & I didn"t even know it was made in 1989!!!!!!!!!It"s so wonderful và it really is one of the best love songs of all time. It"s so peaceful & relaxing to lớn listen to:) Richard Marx sings it so great!!!!!!!!!In fact, words can"t even describe this beautiful, love song!!!!!!!!!Barbara from Amherst, MaI just simply love this song.Nicola from London, EnglandThis tuy nhiên is romantic & relaxing khổng lồ listen to. Và this is one off the best love songs all time, and this is a very tear-jerking, touching song.Vince from San Francisco, CaOne of the most beautiful & heartwrenching songs everJimmy from Twinsburg, Ohthis sing is beautiful, it makes me think, the deep thinking that a guy does when we have found a girl we would like to ask out, but there is something going on causing you lớn not ask her outsee more comments
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