Michael Learns to lớn Rock( MLTR ) Take Me khổng lồ Your HeartHiding from the rain and snowTrying to forget but I won't let goLooking at a crowded streetListening to my own heart beatSo many people all around the worldTell me where do I find someone like you girl(Chorus)Take me to your heart take me to your soulGive me your hand before I'm oldShow me what love is - haven't got a clueShow me that wonders can be trueThey say nothing lasts foreverWe're only here todayLove is now or neverFind more lyrics at ※ Mojim.comBring me far awayTake me to your heart take me to your soulGive me your hand and hold meShow me what love is - be my guiding starIt's easy take me to your heartStanding on a mountain highLooking at the moon through a clear blue skyI should go and see some friendsBut they don't really comprehendDon't need too much talking without saying anythingAll I need is someone who makes me wanna sing(Chorus)
Michael Learns to Rock( MLTR )Take Me to lớn Your Heart (貼心)Album songs1.Frostbite2.Final Destination3.Take Me to lớn Your Heart (Modify)4.Don"t Have khổng lồ Lose5.Salvation6.Hit By A Feeling7.If You Leave My World8.This Is Who I Am9.Home to lớn You10.Laugh and Cry
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