Thrill your day with this amazing throwback tuy nhiên from forever living legend, Michael Jackson titled “You’re Not Alone“.

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You Are Not Alone” is a song by American singer Michael Jackson from his ninth studio album HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I (1995). It was released on August 15, 1995 as the second single from the album. The song was re-released in 2006, as part of Jackson’s Visionary: The đoạn phim Singles collection box set, where it re-entered at number 30 in the UK Singles Chart in 2006. The pop & R&B ballad was written by American R&B singer R. Kelly for Michael Jackson in response to difficult times in his own personal life. Kelly sent a bare thử nghiệm tape lớn Jackson, who liked the tuy vậy and decided to lớn produce it with him in Chicago. Jackson’s interest in the tuy nhiên was also linked to lớn recent events in his personal life.

The song’s corresponding music video, which featured Jackson & his then-wife Lisa Marie Presley, featured scenes of semi-nudity. “You Are Not Alone” received a generally positive critical reception & was the recipient of Grammy và American Music Award nominations. The song was a commercial success. It holds a Guinness World Record as the first tuy vậy in the then-37-year history of the Billboard Hot 100 lớn debut at number one, và was later certified platinum by the RIAA. The track also topped the charts in Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, New Zealand, Poland, Romania, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, & the United Kingdom. “You Are Not Alone” was Michael Jackson’s thirteenth & last number one single in the United States during his lifetime.

After Jackson’s death in June 2009, Kelly paid tribute lớn him by including a version of the tuy vậy on his studio album Love Letter (2010). In 2011, a đoạn clip of the tuy vậy was remixed with the tuy vậy “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You”; the final “Immortal Version” was released on the Immortal album.

You Are Not Alone” is a pop & R&B ballad about love và isolation. The tuy vậy was written by R. Kelly and produced by Kelly & Jackson. Kelly wrote the tuy nhiên after losing close people in his life. Kelly was delighted lớn be able khổng lồ work with his idol, explaining “I was psyched … I feel I could have done his whole album. Not being selfish. I was just that geeked about it. It was an experience out of this world … It’s amazing to know that five years ago I was writing songs in a basement in the ghetto và now I’m writing for Michael Jackson … I’d be a fool not khổng lồ say it’s a dream come true.” Jackson contacted Kelly lớn see if he had any material available. Kelly forwarded a tape recording of the song and Jackson then agreed to lớn work with Kelly on the piece. On the tape sent to lớn Jackson, Kelly sung “You Are Not Alone” mimicking Jackson’s vocal style, explaining, “I think I am him. I become him. I want him to lớn feel that as well.” Jackson found the interpretation amusing. They spent the last week of November 1994 together in the studio working on the track.

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Jackson explained that he instantly liked the song, but listened to it twice before making his final decision. Although the tuy vậy was written by Kelly, Jackson was adamant that the production should be a collaborative effort among the two musicians. The tape sent lớn him had no harmony or modulations, so Jackson added a choir in the final portion và added a sense of climax & structure to lớn the final piece. The song is written in the key of B major. The tuy vậy has a tempo of 60 beats per minute, making it one of Jackson’s slowest songs.

In 2007, a Belgian court ruled that Kelly had plagiarized the 1993 composition “If We Can Start All Over” by Eddy & Danny Van Passel. The court transferred rights track to lớn the Van Passels, though the judgment is only recognized in Belgium.

Commercially, “You Are Not Alone” remains one of Jackson’s best selling singles và it is also his 13th và final number one song. It holds the Guinness World Record for the first tuy nhiên ever to lớn debut at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It was also Jackson’s last number one single on the chart. It debuted at number one with first week sales of 120,000 copies. The tuy vậy was certified platinum by the RIAA and sold one million copies domestically. It broke the record mix by his previous single “Scream/Childhood,” which was the first tuy nhiên in the 37-year history of Billboard khổng lồ debut at number five—where it peaked. It peaked at number one in the UK after a debut at number three in the prior week. The song also reached number one in Wallonia, France, New Zealand, Spain and Switzerland. In Canada it peaked at number two. It became a top ten hit in every major market.

The music đoạn phim was directed by Wayne Isham on July 12, 1995 và begins with a large number of paparazzi taking photographs of Jackson. The plot then centers around two locations: a temple where Jackson appears in an affectionate semi-nude scene with his then-wife, Lisa Marie Presley, and a theater where Jackson performs the tuy nhiên to an empty hall. Jackson also appears alone in other locations such as deserts & along tide pools. The slightly extended version that appeared on HIStory on Film, Volume II was notable for scenes where special effects were used to give Jackson white, feathery, almost angelic wings. Several of these scenes included Jackson’s side having been pierced by an arrow. The other version of the clip is included on Number Ones & Michael Jackson’s Vision. The temple scenes were a homage khổng lồ Maxfield Parrish’s 1922 painting Daybreak. The theater scenes were filmed at the Pantages Theatre, in Los Angeles.

Jackson first performed “You Are Not Alone” at the 1995 Soul Train Music Awards, then at the 1995 BET Awards và also at the 1995 MTV video clip Music Awards. At the latter awards ceremony, the song was performed without the second verse. Jackson then performed the song at the Royal Brunei concert in 1996 where it was performed as a complete song. Jackson also performed it during the HIStory World Tour as a complete song, during which one lucky girl was allowed to dance with him on stage, similar lớn the Soul Train Music Awards performance. Jackson’s next performance of “You Are Not Alone” was at the MJ & Friends concert in Seoul on June 25, 1999; this also turned out to lớn be the song’s last performance by Jackson himself, occurring ten years lớn the day of his death. The tuy vậy was performed without the second verse, similar khổng lồ the “1995 MTV Awards” performance. The tuy nhiên was also due khổng lồ be performed at the This Is It concert series, however the shows were cancelled due to his untimely death.

Diana Ross recorded a version of this song on her international-only released album, Voice of Love produced by Nick Martinelli. Ross would also close her successful 2010–12 More Today Than Yesterday: The Greatest Hits Tour with this song as a tribute khổng lồ Jackson. – Wikipedia

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Some Quotable Lyrics

Another day has goneI’m still all aloneHow could this beYou’re not here with meYou never said goodbyeSomeone tell me whyDid you have khổng lồ goAnd leave my world so cold

Everyday I sit & ask myselfHow did love slip awaySomething whispers in my ear & saysThat you are not aloneI am here with youThough you’re far awayI am here to lớn stay

But you are not aloneI am here with youThough we’re far apartYou’re always in my heartBut you are not aloneGet Full Lyrics Here